SORMAG's Online Book Festival


  • Readers Love Books

    Panel Discussion


    How To Work With Book Clubs – Online & Offline FULL


    1.Roe Braddy

    2. Brenda Larnell

    3. Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

    4. Adrienna Dionna Turner

    5. Pamela Samuels Young

    6. K Reshay


    Book Blogs – Do We Still Need Them?  FULL


    1. Jennifer Lynn

    2. J. L. Campbell

    3. Neal Owens

    4. Chandra Sparks Splond

    5. Lori A. Manns

    6. Sheila Bell


    Book Community On IG


    1.Shakir Rashaan

    2.E. Danielle Butler

    3. Railyn Stone

    4.Chandra Sparks Splond

    5. Untamed

    6. Felicia Brookins


    Book Community On YouTube



    1. Toni Bonita

    2. Lori A. Manns

    3. Sylvia Hubbard

    4. Aigne Martin

    5. S.F. Hardy 

    6. Amelia Rucker


    Author Panels


    Meet The Contemporary Fiction Author FULL


    1.Jennifer Lynn

    2.Roe Braddy

    3. Ebony Farashuu

    4. Naleighna Kai

    5. Neal Owens

    6. Marcia King Gamble


    Meet The Romance Author


    1. Beverly Jenkins

    2. J. L. Campbell

    3. Railyn Stone

    4. Lisa Dodson

    5. K.K. Harris

    6. Kendy Ward


    Meet The Non-Fiction Author – Memoirs FULL


    1.TaRessa Stovall

    2.E. Danielle Butler

    3.Claudia Newby Tynes

    4. K Reshay  

    5. Tavis Taylor

    6. Lori A. Manns


    Meet The Christian Fiction Author 


    1. Natasha Frazier

    2. Tracee Garner

    3. Maurice M. Gray, Jr.

    4. Adrienna Dionna Turner

    5. Vanessa Richardson

    6. Felicia Brookins


    Meet The Coloring Book/Journal Author FULL


    1. Renee Ecckles-Hardy

    2. Alex L. Brown

    3. Deletra Hudson

    4. Evelyn Coker

    5. LaShaunda Hoffman






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    Readers Supporting Authors

    The Power Of Street Teams


    1. Angela Anderson

    2. Toni Bonita

    3. K.K. Harris



    Working With Reviewers


    1.Angela Anderson

    2. Toni Bonita

    3. Sandra Callier

    4.Radiah Hubbert

    5. Diane Rembert

    6. Royce Slade Morton


    Finding Readers During A Pandemic - FULL


    1. LaShaunda C. Hoffman

    2. Angela Anderson

    3. Marie Elliott

    4. Naleighna Kai

    5. K.K. Harris

    6. Precious Simone


    Working With Libraries


    1.Cassidy A. Lee

    2. Marcia King Gamble

    3. Adrienna D. Turner

    4. S. F. Hardy

    5. Amelia Rucker

    6. Savannah Frierson


    Working With Book Groups


    1. Ann Fields

    2.Liz Tolsma

    3. Royce Slade Morton

    4. Anita L. Roseboro

    5.Christine Pauls



    Author Panel


    Meet The Young Adult Book Author


    1. LaShelle Turner

    2. Marisha Dixon

    3. Chandra Sparks Splond

    4. Brittney Holmes Jackson

    5. Florenza Denise Lee

    6. S.F. Hardy


    Meet The Christian Romance Fiction Author


    1. Pat Simmons 

    2. Amelia Rucker

    3. Angela Breidenbach

    4.Liz Tolsma

    5.Dr Raykel Tolson

    6.Terri Ann Johnson


    Meet The Romance Author


    1. Marcia King Gamble

    2. K.K. Harris

    3. LaShelle Turner

    4. Ann Clay

    5. Untamed

    6.Patricia Sargeant 


    Meet The Paranormal /Science Fiction Author FULL


    1. Aziza Sphinx/Ana'Gia Wright

    2. Ann Fields

    3. Shakir Rashaan

    4. Sheila Pryce Brooks

    5. Krystena Lee


    Meet The Contemporary Fiction Author


    1. Ann Clay

    2.Michelle D. Rayford

    3. Timmothy B. McCann

    4. Trevy A. McDonald

    5. Shana Burton

    6. Laura Stewart Schmidt


    Meet The Christian Fiction Author


    1. Roe Braddy

    2. Melissa Lee-West

    3. Krystena Lee

    4. Kendy Ward

    5. Tyora "Ty" Moody  

    6. Shelia Bell


    Meet The Non Fiction Author 



    1.Sandra Callier

    2. Lori A. Manns

    3. Stephanie D. Sanders

    4. Marisa Readus

    5. Alisha Readus

    6. Pamela Smith





  • Reader To Writer

    Panel Discussion


     Writing Your First Book In A Pandemic FULL


    1. Ebony Farashuu

    2.Tiera Nacole

    3. Jayresa Sass

    4. Patrea S. Brumfield

    5. Brittney Holmes Jackson

    6. Sandra Manigault


    Is Your Book Ready For Publication? FULL


    1. J. L. Campbell

    2. Shakir Rashaan

    3.E. Danielle Butler

    4. Tiffani Teachey

    5. Siera London

    6. Antwan Floyd Sr.


    Finding A New Audience When You Switch Genres



    1.Aziza Sphinx/Ana'Gia Wright

    2.Sheena Binkley

    3. Ebony Farashuu

    4. Tiffani Teachey

    5. Brittney Holmes Jackson

    6. Valerie J. Lewis Coleman


    Using Livestreaming In Your Marketing



    1. LaShaunda C. Hoffman

    2.Shar L. Halliburton

    3. Judy Andrews

    4.Naleighna Kai

    5.London St. Charles

    6.MarZe Scott


    Book to Audio - Creating Your First Audio Book


    1. Tracee Garner

    2. Stephanie D. Sanders

    3.Mahogany SilverRain

    4. Valerie J. Lewis Coleman



    Author Panels


    Meet The Men In Literature



    1. Shakir Rashaan

    2. Corey Palmer

    3. Alex L. Brown

    4. Larry D. Carnes

    5. Jonathan Barnhill

    6.Antwan Floyd Sr.



    Meet The Romance Author



    1. Sheena Binkley

    2. Leila Hart

    3. Siera London

    4. Sylvia Hubbard

    5. Mahogany SilverRain

    6. Savannah Frierson


    Meet The Children Book Author FULL


    1.E. Danielle Butler

    2. Tiffani Teachey

    3. Patrice Rivers

    4. Corey Palmer

    5. Renee Ecckles-Hardy

    6. Rosalind Bennett


    Meet The Christian Non-Fiction Author – Self Help



    1. Claudia-Newby Tynes

    2. Adrienna D. Turner

    3. Sonya T. Cruel

    4. Latrisa Pugh

    5. Patrea S. Brumfield

    6. Vanessa Richardson




    Meet The Non Fiction Author - Self Help FULL

    1. LaShaunda C. Hoffman

    2.Shar L. Halliburton

    3. Cynthia Portalatin

    4. Tiffani Teachey

    5. Pamela Samuels Young

    6. Brittney Holmes Jackson


    Meet The Poet FULL


    1. Wanda Burnside

    2. Marie Elliott

    3. Corey Palmer

    4. Chanel Nicole Ryan

    5. Marisha Dixon



    Meet The Contemporary Fiction Author


    1. Tiera Nacole

    2.Sandra Manigault

    3. Judy Andrews

    4. Kenneth Thomas Sr

    5. BJT Ledet

    6. W. Parks Brigham


    As a panel member you will receive:



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    Lifetime Listing in Literary Directory


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    You have the option to be on an Author Panel and 2 Panel discussions.  Select your top two panels and send email to with your selections.  Make sure to register for the festival.