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  • Are you ready for fresh ideas to jump start your promotion?

  • Are you ready to create action steps you can implement this month?

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You Will Create A Social Butterfly Promotion Plan That Works For You And Your Book Or Business


Videos to watch for book promotion




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Get you ready to become a Social Butterfly at your one pace


Private FB Group to ask your promotion questions




Members Of The Membership

Increased Their Mailing List Subscribers

Increased Their Social Media Followers

Increased Their Social Media Engagement

Increased Their Interviews In Magazines, Podcasts, Livestreams & Online Radio Shows

Created Social Media Calendars

Created Digital Content

Created Strategic Promotion Plans

Created Successful Readers Groups

Attended More Live Events

The Social Butterfly Promotion Membership Is For:

Someone who is about to launch their book or business.


Someone who needs clarity, accountability and consistency in their promotion.


Someone who enjoys learning on your own.


Someone who enjoys learning with videos, audios and print at their own pace.


Someone who wants fresh ideas for their promotion.


Someone who is ready to take their promotion to the next level.



The Social Butterfly Promotion Membership Is Not For:

Someone who isn’t ready to put in the promotion work.


Someone who isn't ready to listen or implement what they have learned.


Someone who doesn’t believe promotion can be fun.


Someone who isn’t ready to invest in their promotion with time and money.


Social Butterflies - Testimonials

Thank you so much, LaShaunda Hoffman. You have been so inspiring. Never would've started my FB group or reached out to libraries, among other things, if it weren't for your guidance and encouragement.


Your Social Butterfly mastermind group is EVERYTHING. I highly recommend it to authors who are struggling with marketing or social media. - Reese Ryan - Romance Author

LaShaunda has a quote that resonates with me " Are You Working On Your Dreams?" I found myself working through them and on them, but felt there was more. Becoming a member of the Virtual Tea Accountability Program I learned, with steps and mentorship, what working on my dreams really looks like. I was able to market my book through serving as a conference speaker, hosting a workshop, increased my blogging, increased stepping out of my comfort zone for exposure, and became active in my journey as an author. There is so much more to working on our dream of being authors than the book itself. LaShaunda is patient and committed to helping you to discover the steps to continue to move forward. If you will commit the time, you will not be disappointed. - Ashley Sauls - Author

Social Butterfly Promotion Membership


I’m LaShaunda Hoffman the Olivia Pope of Promotion Strategy. I teach writers and business owners how to become Social Butterflies by developing creative promotion strategies, creating compelling content for their promotion that keeps them consistent, building relationships and increasing their sales.



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